martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Top 5! Most exiting love animes!!!

With this of "most exiting" I refer: they make you cry, laugh or scream! I've been through this!! I'm starting from 5 to 1, just to make it fun hehe

5.- Kuragehime

Since it's not finished it could't reach a higher number, but it's a great series!!! It was really exiting and funny; with love triangles, dreams and crazy situations.

4.- Clannad

Wow, It made me cry several times!!! It's sooo emotional! It's not as fun as other series but it touched my heart with all those sad and love stories and situations.
And the secons season really made me go crazy and suffer but at the end all my crying paid off!
The end made me go crazy too hehe

3.- Hana yori dango

The ultimate "I say I don't love you but I'm nuts about you"
It had all this extreme situations that made my heart race and made me scream really loud!
So funny, but sooo long! It was that kind of story that has all kind of situations and all those anime cliches we see in a lot of animes. Still is very good.

2.- Toradora

Emotive is the word for this anime, I love everything about it. The main thing in this one is the Charas, they are so well developed: they have their own personality, reactions, feelings and complexs. That's what makes this story so unique.
Also has fun, lots of love triangles and heart racing moments.

1.- Lovely Complex
This is one of my favs! You can't stop laughing and the main charas are so cute. They have this feeling of innocence and mischievousness that makes'em so attractive to watch.
The love story you can't miss!!

Well hope you enjoyed!! voila!

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Pokemon again!

Well.. It was a matter of time to return to the poke adicction for me...
I just got the POKEMON BLACK VERSION! I really like it, I feel like 12 years old again!

So it started .....

I´m a girl so I choosed the girl, who is really cuteee!!!

I choosed the weird water pokemon that looks like a panda... I think its spelled oshawoot or something like that

All this new pokemon look so weird! But its fun to find really strange creatures all over the place!!

I´ll keep on playing