viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Retro moment

Sometimes I get retro, and watch old animes!
This time was Ai Yori Aoshi(2002, if you think about it, its 8 years ago!), nice, funny but not that good. Sorry for the fans, but the anime is not that good.
I have to say that the first 4 chapters where good, I really liked them. But the the whole story got slow and with a lot of nonsense episodes. I would be liying If I said all off them were just filling space, but a ot of them where like that.

And about the second season... well its not what I expected, but its fine. Nothing really happens, you can get some laugh but I could be way much better.
Watch it if you want to relax a little, and you have time to spare.
The harem is the thing in this anime, funny with "those kind of situations" which I think are ok.

Want to know more about this anime? Go to our beloved Wikipedia

Aveces me pongo retro, y veo animes viejos!
Esta vez fue Ai Yori Aoshi, digamos en pocas palabras que esta "bien", es graciosa y todo, pero no es tan buena serie. Lo siento por los fans, pero yo pienso q la serie no es increible.
Tengo q aceptar q los primeros 4 capitulos fueron buenos, realmente me gustaron. Pero despues de eso toda la historia es lenta y llena de capitulos de relleno. Estaria mintiendo si dijera q todos los capitulos fueron de relleno, pero muchos lo eran.


Y sobre la segunda temporada.... bueno, no fue lo q esperaba, pero estuvo entretenida. No pasa nada en realidad, puede sacarte unas risas, pero pudo haber sido mucho mejor.

Ve este anime si quieres relajarte y tienes tiempo q gastar.
El harem es por lo que verias este anime, y esas "situaciones" q pasan en este tipo de anime. Q por cierto me divierten jeje

¿quieres saber mas sobre este anime? entra a nuestra amada Wikipedia

miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Vocaloid fever!

A lover of anime sometimes gets involved in more than anime... so many of them love vocaloid also!
For the ones that dont know, its a computer program where basicly you get your songs to be singed by the program (basicly a voice syntethizer) so you write your songs, choose a voice and add the way it has to be singed.

Vocaloid - Smile for the Cam by ~akayashi on deviantART
Support fanart artists!!!

Every voice has a chara, so people start doing stories or videos using the character. They became so popular and you can get to see great animations made by fans like you. Thats the cool thing about it all.

Also, the main character Miku is very popular and she has a few Cds realesed

And now every fan shoud see the new ova of Black Rock Shooter!!! yea, its good, I liked it. A lot of people didn´t... they said its kinda plain with not enough music and stuff, I agree in some things the people say, but the good things shine more than the bad for me :)

I totally love that song!
here I leave a link if you wanna watch the ova:
or try

viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

My spanglish situation

As you can see I use english and spanish in no order or reason, I feel like it sorry if that can bother you hehe you can tell me what do you think about my use of lenguage..

In other matters I can´t explain how happy I am about my recent trip to DisneyWorld, fun, fun, FUN! My other obssesion have been fullfilled is some way, like Harry Potter or rollercoasters; some of them awesome!

Well, keep conected!


Como pueden ver mi uso del ingles y español es indiscrimidano, sin un orden o porque especifico, me gusta hablar asi, perdon si a alguien le molesta jejeje puedes decirme q es lo q piensas de mi uso del lenguaje...

Pueden ven q algunas cosas q escribo en ingles no las traduzco, bueno es por q ya no quise traducirlo y puede ser visceversa, asi q no es nada personal.. solo q no quise y ya no hay gran misterio.

Amor y paz!

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

My top 5 magical girl love love chart of anime!

A chart!! this is mine, after trying to remember all the animes i´ve seen... the chart may change if I remember some anime I forgot about (unlike)


1.- Card Captor Sakura

2.- Sailor Moon

3.- Kobato

4.- Full Moon wo Sagashite

5.-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha... still deciding about this last one, I could change it

As you can see I love Clamp and Arina Tanemura in particular

miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Nodame cantabile season 3

Una serie lindisima con 3 temporadas y 23 volumenes de Manga, escrito por Tomoko Nomiya.
Puedes leerte la info de nuestra amada Wikipedia si quieres aprender mas: NODAME CANTABILE

Lovely series with 3 anime seasons, and 23 volumes of manga created by Tomoko Ninomiya.
You can get more info here in our beloved wikipedia: NODAME CANTABILE


Update: I finished it yesterday! Sabishi! It ended!! buaaa

Im totally waching it in delay!!! I had to wait for my brothers... they get mad If I watch it by myself!!!
So I´m in the 7th episode, and Nodame is not going to any competition. But is obvious she´s going to get in one! of course!

The hole series are a splash of the world of classical music and the ones that perform it, of course with the love love part that we need.
The thing I admire the most is the realistic computer made animation for the hand movements while playing the instruments (They really care!!! not like in other animes like L´corda d´oro and similar), getting inside and teaching about music, not that well known composers and including a lot of music indeed.

So here I put some pictures!

And the opening, I love the song!!

Song: Manazashi ☆ Daydream
Singer: Yuu Sakai


Yo en mi ropa de ayer... besos!!

me, in yestersday´s clothes.. kisses!

La chica shojo ha vuelto del cielo.. o del infierno?

He sentido que todos estos años han sido largos, quiero que todos sepan que AMO EL ANIME!!!
No puedo decir que no estoy obsesionada, asi q estoy aqui repartiendo mi amor y conocimientos!!!

No puedo esperar!

Amor y paz!!


felt this years where a long time to be hidden, I want everybody to know I LOVE ANIME!
I cant lie and say Im not obsessed, so here I will spred all my love and knowledge!

Can´t wait!

Peace and love!