miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Vocaloid fever!

A lover of anime sometimes gets involved in more than anime... so many of them love vocaloid also!
For the ones that dont know, its a computer program where basicly you get your songs to be singed by the program (basicly a voice syntethizer) so you write your songs, choose a voice and add the way it has to be singed.

Vocaloid - Smile for the Cam by ~akayashi on deviantART
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Every voice has a chara, so people start doing stories or videos using the character. They became so popular and you can get to see great animations made by fans like you. Thats the cool thing about it all.

Also, the main character Miku is very popular and she has a few Cds realesed

And now every fan shoud see the new ova of Black Rock Shooter!!! yea, its good, I liked it. A lot of people didn´t... they said its kinda plain with not enough music and stuff, I agree in some things the people say, but the good things shine more than the bad for me :)

I totally love that song!
here I leave a link if you wanna watch the ova:
or try animedreaming.tv

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