miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

Canal de Youtube Anime Kyoudai

Ya casi sale el video de "Top 6 de animes que te volverán otaku" en el canal de Anime Kyodai en el que participo junto con mi hermano pequeño Titan:


Ya se puede ver la introducción al canal y esperamos les guste la información =)

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Spring anime 2016 recomendations

Hi!!! here again :) Now I´ll let you know after checking lots of anime this season (that are fairly A LOT <-- good thing!) the ones I liked the most

  • Flying witch

Slice of life with magic, so the magic is not really flashy or anything as we would expect from a slice of life. Really funny jokes, nothing crazy that´s the charm of this series.
How would a witch behave if they existed in this era? And no, don´t expect adventure or romance like in Harry Potter. Just go with the flow and enjoy.

yea, magic is awesome!
  • Super Lovers

We always need some yaoi!! but in this case... ejem.. isn´t the kid just too young??
Well Ren is indeed really young and Haru is much older, and they are half-brothers..
Ok is not as perverted as it sounds hahaha Let me give you a peace of mind, the kid grows older as the series go by so is not that bad (but is indeed bad to kiss a 13 year old Haru!)
I do recomend it because the characters are kind of complex and their personalities are defined and well done, it has some drama and love.

  • Bungou Stray dogs

Bishies, action, powers and fun! the animation is really pretty, movements flow nicely and action scenes are indeed really good.
This series has the "introduce a character each episode" thing, but they don´t do it in an obnoxious way like a lot of comedy series. Fights are good and the characters are fun too.
And the main guy even if he is a kind of a wuss, he is so damn cute... we know that he will become a bad ass later

  • Tanaka san wa itsumo kedaruge

Another slice of life, some light romance, funny jokes and many cute characters that interact with this Tanaka guy that "tries just too hard" to be lazy. But how lazy can you be now a days?
Overall animation is nice and it flows, soft and vibrant tones that match nicely and some halftone effects, shapes, dots, etc that give a manga/cute animation/modern look.

  • Kuma miko       

And so.. another slice of life... but this one has some fantasy, comedy with real references (mostly japanese related companies and lifestyle) and some crazy jokes that you really didn´t expect!
It´s really funny if you have knowledge in japanese pop culture and daily life, the bear is super cute and the girl is stupid but you can´t blame her... she lives with a bear, isolated in a house, in a mountain, in a town full of old people.. 
So it´s so funny to see how a bear can know more than her hahaha

  • Niijiro Days

This one started in winter 2016, romance and comedy... really shoujo :)
The story of 4 guys and their love stories, I do like it because of the bishies... we all love them, and the thick romance comedy school life tema of the series.
Each of the charas has troubles and defined personalities, most of them are stereotypical but have a little extra like masochism, sadism and homosexuality, but everything has a happy go lucky feel so it´s really easy to watch.

  • Uchuu patrol Luluco

There had to be some crazy anime this season, full of explosions and over the top insanely funny comedy.
This is so funny to watch you won´t regret it, reaaaly nice Trigger studio animation short chapters project, so you don´t have to go through 24 minutes of crazy jokes... the small amount is enough and keeps you wanting more.


Thi end-o of the list <3

I´m not an adventure type of person, but sometimes I do watch things like Attack on titan or Deadly seven sins.. I normally go for the funny go lucky and relaxed type and of course the romance ones!! (also for de more sexy ones jiji)

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

Still here!!

Well you never stop being an otaku you know.. hahaha so beware of becoming one!!

I´ve been super fine, I traveled again to Japan and many other places so it´s been worth all the hard work :)
Right now i´m just starting a Youtube chanel, but it´s something like a hobby ..(like a lot of hobbies I have 0.0 )

I´m not dead so stop crying hahaha

lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

October moon, Halloween and Art

Hi! many of you may not know because I never publish my art here, but  I do PAINT hehehe
This is my latest work "Nocturne flight" that has one of my OC's Mai riding a boom.
I just wanted to share and wish you all a great Haloween and Dia de Muertos :)

If you like it please visit my art pages:

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Otome games, START!!!!

Well, now my new addiction are the famous "otome games". So many of you don't know what these are, others have seen them in some anime scenes…

FIRST! what is an Otome game? I'ts a virtual dating sim game.. that's how everyone explains it..
For me it's a romance story where you get to make some choices that affect the ending of your story. So if you make the wrong choices your ending might not be a happy ever after, so you need to test your "guy's personality" and say the things you think will make him fall in love with you.

You also can pick from a variety of guys, the one you like more. Normally they come in the regular based personas: Tsundere, devilish, estoic, enthusiastic, flirty, and all those estereotypes.
In other stories you have many guys in the same route and depending on your choices you end up with one of them.
Also many of them are really pure and too romantic, you can also find some a little more mature ones and the sexy ones are harder to find.. but you will no regret it (jujuju)

These games normally have many types of endings, in some you do get a bad ending… but its not often.

NOW you can download some of this games in your intelligent phone, and the good thing is that you can read them in English!!! In some you have to pay to read the full story and some others are for free (obviously you can only read a certaint amount of the story per day, and they sell items that can get you a better enging or stuff like that)

So If you wanna try it I may recommend a few:

  • "In your arms tonight" by Voltage, Inc. 

  • "Cinderella Contract" by Arith-metic 

  • "Office Lover, my boss is a dangerous playboy" by OKKO / Arithmetic


lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

Pokémon = Peleas de perros??

Bueno estaba divagando como lo hago seguido y me vino a la mente… Pokemon es como las peleas de perros!!
Solo hay que ver las semejanzas:
1.- tienes animales a los que entrenas en fuerza y velocidad para atacar a otros animales
2.- uno puede ganarse la vida haciendo pelear a esos animales (recibe dinero)
3- hay eventos donde los haces pelear
4.- puede aplicarse a diferentes razas como en la vida real: toros, gallos, etc...

Claro que hay diferencias, los pokemon lanzan rayos y cosas así.. los perros no jajaja a menos de que pongas a pelear a un par de anguilas eléctricas.
En la serie se censura completamente el hecho de que uno recibe una recompensa monetaria al derrotar a sus oponentes. Como es que Ash/Satoshi sobrevive en el anime?? nos hacen pensar que vive a costillas de su madre.

Bueno y esto solo fue un pensamiento que me cruzo y solo me dieron ganas de compartirlo
Realmente no estoy a favor de las peleas o espectáculos donde los animales deban matarse entre si, pero tampoco creo que jugar Pokemon te haga un potencial entrenador de animales para palenque.
Yo juge Pokemon (y juego todavía) en mi niñez y eso no afecto en mi sensibilidad hacia los animales.

Me gusta jugar este juego, pienso que nada mas uno debe tener suficiente criterio y educación para distinguir cuando algo ya esta mal.

Aquí un saludo y no me linchen fans!!

miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014


Yei! I'm so exited about the new Sailor Moon adaptation and here I share the new character designs :)
The name for this new series is "Sailor Moon Cristal" It will have 26 chapters and will start airing on July 5th


Estoy muy emocionada por la nueva serie de Sailor Moon que se llamara "Sailor Moon Cristal", tendrá 26 capítulos y se comenzara a transmitir este 5 de Julio

 the anime charras / los personajes del anime

tha manga charras / los personajes del manga

I cant wait for the PV!!!!