miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Junjou Romantica

Me encanta el BL jeje

Y como no he visto muchos animes de este genero que valgan la pena decidi volver a ver Junjou Romantica
No me arrepiento!
Aqui un video del opening combinado con las imagenes de la segunda temporada :)

Nyaaaa chicas no dejen de ver BL!!
<3  <3  <3
que tal?? jijiji
que le ira a pasar a a este chico? jiji

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Sailor Moon 2014

This is the famous fanart that was supposed to be an "official" image for the new adaptation

Hi!!! I was so exited about this thay I started watching all the Sailor Moon series all over again.. had the time? well no.. but I watched all the first season and had such a good time!!
We all know this anime has been delayed and that the producers and stuff are being recluted these few moths, but I still have the hope this new adaptation will be airing on july 2014.

I also read the manga, I'm a Pro-stickToTheOriginalStory-Fan.. so I also hope to have a nice adaptation that won't make me angry. But what I'm really waiting for is the animation

I was really happy when I got to se the Ranma 1/2 ova 13 that was released in 2008, the animation was awesome and so I do hope the same for Salior Moon

My beloved Tuxedo Mask give me stength to wait!! come to my dreams naked! hahahaha

I found this fanart, and its hilarious!

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

One week friends

Well I'm still alive and I was checking the new anime for the spring 2014
and I got this story
It's about a girl that can't make friends because she forgets them after one week, and this guy comes and wants to be friends with her no matter what... so he must have a good reason
Loos like its gonna be really emotial

Hoy también o traduciré a español jejeje

Andaba por la red buscando las reseñas de los nuevos animes de primavera 2014, y me encontré con este anime "amigos por una semana"
Es sobre una chica que no puede hacer amigos por que los olvida después de una semana, y llega este chavo que quiere ser su amigo sin importar que..
probablemente tiene sus razones y parece que será una historia muy emotiva