domingo, 8 de enero de 2012


Ok, when I was in Japan I saw the manga and I got interested in discover that strange card game. I didn´t knew what Karuta was in that moment so I decided to watch the anime. I´m not really into sports anime so I thought It was gonna be boring.. but It was sooo cute!
I really like the main chars, even if in some times is the kind that I´ll hate. Arata is lovely and so handsome! I must warn that this is not the kind of anime where you´ll se amazingly handsome bi-shonen guys, they are bishonen but not the Fujiwara Ginzo kind.

It´s the story of a small girl called Chihaya that discovers that the karuta game can be played in an extraordinary way... with the heart. Her classmate Arata teaches her that the game is very serios and that she can aim to be the best in the world if she tries hard enough. Taichi is a good friend of Chihaya but he declares war to her when he discovered that she is getting really close to Arata.
Parts of the story develops when they are in kids and in high school after Arata had to move from Tokyo and Chihaya is still following her dream of being Japan´s best karuta player.