sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

trying the movile mode..

Hi there! Well I'm on my BB and I wanted to try to publi

sh tru it, so this is my first test, but seems like it's gonna be a pain in the ass to publish images and do some html.
Well so I'm just saying hi to everyone who reads me so I wanted to talk about some of the mangas I'm following right now:
1.- Kuraguehime: wow, the fashion show of Jellyfish is soon, and one of the amars turns into a beatuful model!
2.- Watashi xx shinasai!: the uploading of chapters is slow but everything it's getting interesting!
3.- Dengeki daisy: I love kurosaki :) but the story is going really slow, for Christ sake we nwwd more hart racing scenes and less bla bla!
4.- Nononono: it's a sports manga! I'm not really into that kind but this one has a good amount of love triangles, gender blender and drama. Good stuff.

I have a lot more but I'll continue later.
Well one of my nexts is surely gonna be from Go Ikei Yamada, I have that feeling.