domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Otome games, START!!!!

Well, now my new addiction are the famous "otome games". So many of you don't know what these are, others have seen them in some anime scenes…

FIRST! what is an Otome game? I'ts a virtual dating sim game.. that's how everyone explains it..
For me it's a romance story where you get to make some choices that affect the ending of your story. So if you make the wrong choices your ending might not be a happy ever after, so you need to test your "guy's personality" and say the things you think will make him fall in love with you.

You also can pick from a variety of guys, the one you like more. Normally they come in the regular based personas: Tsundere, devilish, estoic, enthusiastic, flirty, and all those estereotypes.
In other stories you have many guys in the same route and depending on your choices you end up with one of them.
Also many of them are really pure and too romantic, you can also find some a little more mature ones and the sexy ones are harder to find.. but you will no regret it (jujuju)

These games normally have many types of endings, in some you do get a bad ending… but its not often.

NOW you can download some of this games in your intelligent phone, and the good thing is that you can read them in English!!! In some you have to pay to read the full story and some others are for free (obviously you can only read a certaint amount of the story per day, and they sell items that can get you a better enging or stuff like that)

So If you wanna try it I may recommend a few:

  • "In your arms tonight" by Voltage, Inc. 

  • "Cinderella Contract" by Arith-metic 

  • "Office Lover, my boss is a dangerous playboy" by OKKO / Arithmetic


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