jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

The Kaichou is a Maid!!

This first thing you think when you hear the title... is obvious what this manga is about!
(The Student Council President is a Maid!)
To be sincere, the first approach I had with this story was the anime, and I even thought it was going to be too common.. very predictable... even if its a bit true, its special, fun and dramatic! I totally love it!!

The anime is around the 24th episode and its finishing on the 26, so all the fansubs are getting a lot of demand and you can imagine the youtube watchers. No second season is anouncced at the moment.

Afterwards I started reading the manga, the lineart and storytelling is really nice. And who doesnt love bishonen!?
The manga its still ongoing, so if you want more Maid-sama adventures you can follow it! I recomend it.
WOA! you will love this scenes!!!


THE SHOUJO GAL RAITING: 9 ! (by now...but could change depending on the end of the anime!!)

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