miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Top 5 cutest school uniform ever!

Well one thing I love about manga and anime is the UNIFORMS!! there are some really classy, cute or kinda complicated.
Here I put my favourites:

1.-Sailor moon: Sailor uniform!
It´s a Classic and we love it!

2.-Vampire knight: Women Vampire knight nigth class uniform!
looks so good done for cosplay!

3.- Clannad Summer uniform

4.- Code geass boys and girls uniform
You can't deny the crossdressing joke in this pic is so cute!

5.- Strawberry Panic
Even if you like or not Shoujo-ai, you cant deny is sooo pretty!

To learn about the real japanese school uniforms you can click here link in english
Para aprender sobre los verdaderos uniformes japoneses a click en este enlace link en español

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