lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Kyou, Koi wo hajimemasu!

I know most works of Kanan Minami are related to cute-rough-smut, but in this story the level of sexual scenes are a bit less than in other stories of the same author. Comparing it to HoneyxHoney drops, this one is way better.. with less sex but the story is nice, the charas personality is well developed and the story is catchy.

An OAD came out this year, I haven´t seen it because I´m reading the manga, and it doesn´t look like animation at all instead it looks like an ilustration book!.. they put everything I´ve read in the first 10 minutes! I wonder If people that haven´t read the manga really understand whats going on.. but still it has a nice ilustration and its so romantic!

SPOILER: I love this part! even if he is mean and rejected her before :O

Ok, here I leave a link of the OAD

But if you wanna start reading the manga (higly recomended) I leave you here some links:
Manga en español por FBD
Uploaded in MangaFox in english

We can´t deny the manga art looks like Arina Tanemura style... but the stories are totally different!

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